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Paul McCambridge

Paul has been a photographer for over 25 years, starting as a freelance with the local and regional press, then in 2000 working freelance through a press agency in Belfast, covering assignments for national and international newspapers and magazines. Recent work with television broadcasters RTE and UTV have seen Paul travelling both north and south of the Irish border. Newspaper clients include; The Observer, Guardian, Irish Times, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Tribune, Sunday Business Post, Dagens Nyheter and many more international publications. Magazine clients include; Newsweek, Time, Front, Inside Edge, Village.

Paul also designs and facilitates visual medium courses to community groups in areas of conflict and social deprivation, using photography and video as a way of exploring cultural identity and self-expression.



2014 - Solo exhibition, 50 images from Human Trafficking. Irish Aid Centre, Dublin, Ireland.

2007 – Group exhibition, 8 images from Drumcree, Portadown. The Pump House Museum, Mancherster, England.

2005 – Solo exhibition, 20 images Heroin project, Downpatrick Arts Centre, N. Ireland.

2004 – Group exhibition, single image from Faith in Ulster, The Lowry Gallery, Salford, England.

2003 – Group exhibition, single image from Faith in Ulster, Tate Modern, London, England.

2002 – Group exhibition, 10 images from Faith in Ulster, City Hotel, Armagh, N.Ireland.

2001 – Group exhibition, single image from Family, Friends and Relationships, Photographers Gallery, London, England.

2000 – Solo exhibition, 14 images from Heroin, Ballymena, N.Ireland.

1999 – Solo exhibition, 14 images from Heroin, Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland.



N. Ireland Press Photographers Features Photographer of the Year in 1997, 1999 and 2003

News Photographer of the Year 2011

People Photographer of the Year 2012

Individual Study and Picture Story Press Awards 2012

N. Ireland Press Photographers Sports Feature Photographer of the Year 2014


Funding Awards

Clondalkin Drug Awardness Programme 1998 –Heroin in Dublin

Millennium Commission Award 1999 –Faith and Religious beliefs in Ulster

Simon Cumbers Media Award 2012 – Human Trafficking

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary - Short Listed 2014 - Human Trafficking Project



Conleth McCambridge

After completing a National Diploma in Media Production and a HND in Interactive Media and Creative Craft Level 2 - Graphic Design, Conleth has developed his camera operating skills and visual editing through freelancing for both BNL Productions and MAC Visual Media.

In 2012 Conleth brought these skills to Kolkata through The Hope Foundation, there he spent 5 months helping set up a video and photography unit educating street and slum kids.

To-date Conleth has had his photography published in the Daily Mirror, Belfast Telegraph, Irish News and Newsletter. He has produced videos for a variety of customers including Belfast Titanic Triathlon, RNIB Lisburn in Focus and Craigavon Council.